George Bell Arena is one of eight indoor ice arenas operated by a board of management. These City boards were established between the early 1950s and early 1970s by the former City of Toronto and Borough of East York as a means of engaging the local community in the decision making for managing these facilities.

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The mandate of George Bell Arena includes:

  • providing safe, full and equitable access to high quality indoor ice sport recreational facilities
  • allocating the use of the facility in a fair and equitable manner among local neighbourhood citizens and organizations and user groups, while bearing in mind the need to generate sufficient revenue to operate the facility at the lowest reasonable cost to the City of Toronto and its residents
  • developing proposed ice allocation schedules based on the applications received, and consistent with the targets and requirements set-out in the City’s Ice Allocation Policy and the objectives of the Relationship Framework, for approval by the General Manager, Parks, Forestry and Recreation


  • Councillor for Ward 11
  • 10 public members
  • 1 non-voting staff member from the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division

Frances Nunziata


Frances Nunziata is Council Speaker and City Councillor for Ward 11, York South-Weston. A proud member of YSW, Frances serves on various community committees as well as city committees.

Contact Councillor Nunziata’s office at

(416) 392 4091

Deirdre Norman


Tom Vye


Carlo Vinco


Bruce Tokiwa


Cvitan Brkic


Hannah McGregor


Maria Gervasi


Vincent Berry


Fana Seife


Lucio Milanovich


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