Introduced in 2016-17, the George Bell Women’s Hockey League (GBWHL) offers Winter and Summer seasons, with weekly games throughout the entire year. This is a community-based, non-competitive, recreational league, designed to create a safe and enjoyable hockey playing experience.

Teams may be adjusted throughout any given season, at the sole discretion of Arena Management, to help promote fair play and parity The facility reserves the right to prohibit any player from participating, due to safety concerns or unsportsmanlike conduct. Refunds will not be provided for players suspended from play.

General League Details:

  • Players must be 18+ to register
  • Teams created by the Arena, taking requests into account
  • Full equipment, including facial and neck protection
  • Jerseys provided by Arena, returned at season’s end
  • No slapshots, no body checking
  • 3 x 15 minute, run-time periods

Winter 2022-23: Registration is now open for our upcoming winter season (September-April). 

2022-23 GBWHL Winter Season

Registration for the 2022-23 GBWHL Winter Season is now open! 

To Register, email